About Me - Ursula Klepper
On the fence

I am a freelance photographer from Hamburg, Germany. I grew up in a family of artists––my father was a composer and my mother is a painter––and my current profession is as a violinist. However, photography has become an essential and indispensable part of my life to express the beauty I see and emotions I feel. I cannot imagine living without the opportunity to express art that reflects the feelings I experience every day. By participating in several Photography Mentorship programs, and taking part in the Arcanum, Magical Academy of Artistic Mastery, I have learned a lot since I started a few years ago. I have won several prizes in different Photography contests during the last few years: 1st place, and twice 2nd place, honors for my self-portraits, as well as a 1st place and several honorable mentions for my entries in an online, bi-monthly event. I love to be outside in nature exploring everything; especially things that cannot be seen unless you come very close. Besides shooting macro, I also love to create composites and allow my imagination to run wild. I really like creating imagery with antiques and vintage items. I hope you enjoy my art as much as I enjoy creating it.


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